Join Me in Conceptualizing (and Creating?) a Decentralized, Community-based Business Model for Software Developers!

I would like to share my thoughts on a decentralized, community-based business model that has the potential to help software developers attain three important goals: Make a stable income, be independent, and use their skills to support life changing, meaningful projects. Right now, software developers have two alternatives to make a living. They can work for a larger company, as a freelancer, or run their own business. In all cases, the decision about whether or not to take on a project or a job is based primarily on economic reasons, so there is no pace to consider whether or not a given project or company aligns with our particular world view and values. [...]

How Not to Regret the Things You Will Build

I was recently stunned by learning something about Pierre Omidyar, the founder of EBay, and his Omidyar Network. His philanthropic work supports equitable economy, promotes responsible technology that improves lives, expands human capability, and makes visible emergent issues that will shape our future. His is an incredible vision and worth supporting in any possible way. On the heels of this, I came across this fabulous guide that addresses anticipating the future impact of today’s technology, or as Pierre Omidyar says, “how not to regret the things you will build.” [...]

Instant Gratification vs a Dying Planet

Look around. It is not a secret that technology has contributed to creating a culture of impatience and instant gratification for consumers at all levels. Think about social media, on-demand online TV, smartphones, tablets, video games, on-demand rides, online shopping, and home automation, to name a few. None of the technologies driving these things are problematic in and of themselves; the problem is that as we become more and more focused on a culture of speed and efficiency, we lose sight of the bigger picture. Our perception and priorities are changing rapidly and we easily forget what is really important for our society and species in the long run. [...]

Software Developers are Storytellers

Hey, thanks for stopping by! If you are wondering what is this blog about, please continue reading.. When I look around I see so many great software developers out there. This is one of the reasons that our industry thrives in so many ways: innovation, creativity, people always seeking ways to improve what exists and to make easier and better ways of using and learning about technology available. It is so important for our industry to constantly push technology further and further. And because it is incredibly important, as software developers, this is usually the primary way we spend our energy. [...]

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Code Integrity

An assessment tool for an ethical and sustainable code that determines if a project complies with ethical and sustainable practices. will launch in June 22, 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.


The idea behind is to create a community of critical thinkers and dreamer software developers concerned about our future, and to create a space to envision together how to solve the major challenges of humanity and earth, prioritizing people over technology. Ideas will turn into sustainable projects for the benefit of our societies and the developers involved. will launch in September 20, 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.