Software Developers are Storytellers

Hey, thanks for stopping by! If you are wondering what is this blog about, please continue reading.. When I look around I see so many great software developers out there. This is one of the reasons that our industry thrives in so many ways: innovation, creativity, people always seeking ways to improve what exists and to make easier and better ways of using and learning about technology available. It is so important for our industry to constantly push technology further and further. And because it is incredibly important, as software developers, this is usually the primary way we spend our energy. But when our minds are so focused on what we have in front of us—creating, innovating, improving things—it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and this is what concerns me the most these days. As software developers we have a responsibility. We are not only creating software, we are creating a narrative, a story of how things will be from the moment others start using or executing our code. We are storytellers and most of the time we forget how important this is for our future and the future of our societies. What story are we creating with each piece of code that we write? What future are we helping to create? What kind of society are we building for the near future and for the long term? In fact, most of us usually don’t think about the story we are helping to create. I want to illustrate this with a very simple example. We have all heard and read about autonomous vehicles and how relevant they are becoming. At this point, it seems that we shouldn’t ask ourselves if autonomous vehicles should be a reality; whether we like them or not, it will be very difficult to avoid them. Instead, the question should be why and how autonomous vehicles will be used to transform our society in a positive and sustainable way. Because we are so focused on the technology itself, we forget that the business model of autonomous vehicles is not based on receiving direct profit from driverless cars, but instead it is based on companies monetizing our free time (no longer occupied with driving) with advertising, among other things. There are other issues to consider in relationship to autonomous vehicles and the way they can shape things, including social inequality and ethical concerns about safety, especially in urban and more densely populated areas. Again, it is not the technology itself that should be considered but the motivation behind it, and why and how it is created and implemented in the first place. I want to use this blog to share my views and concerns with you and to offer some reflection about technology and its impact in our society in the short and long term, and of course to propose ideas and to ask questions that every storyteller should ask. In the end, if we all ask the right questions and tell the right story, we have a good chance of using technology to create something useful and sustainable, something that solves problems instead of creating new ones. So welcome to my blog. Enjoy the ride.

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Code Integrity

An assessment tool for an ethical and sustainable code that determines if a project complies with ethical and sustainable practices. will launch in June 22, 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.


The idea behind is to create a community of critical thinkers and dreamer software developers concerned about our future, and to create a space to envision together how to solve the major challenges of humanity and earth, prioritizing people over technology. Ideas will turn into sustainable projects for the benefit of our societies and the developers involved. will launch in September 20, 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.