Join Me in Conceptualizing (and Creating?) a Decentralized, Community-based Business Model for Software Developers!

I would like to share my thoughts on a decentralized, community-based business model that has the potential to help software developers attain three important goals: Make a stable income, be independent, and use their skills to support life changing, meaningful projects. Right now, software developers have two alternatives to make a living. They can work for a larger company, as a freelancer, or run their own business. In all cases, the decision about whether or not to take on a project or a job is based primarily on economic reasons, so there is no pace to consider whether or not a given project or company aligns with our particular world view and values. For instance, we may end up working for a gun manufacturer or a financial company with very unethical practices even if we don’t feel aligned with the way they conduct business or the way they treat or affect their customers or employees, or the way their products or services affect society in the short and long term. Our existing business model is based on a very self-centered business perspective. This operates in combination with the ways we learn to interact with people in general, in which the core of our efforts is to always favor our individual interest regardless of how our decisions affect the bigger picture. Perhaps you haven’t thought about this in this way. But if you look carefully, you may start to consider that this way of interacting is not a very sustainable model for our society in the long term, since everybody is prioritizing their individual benefit over the common good. As an alternative, let’s imagine communities aligned with specific interests or needs. This actually already exists, we can connect to different communities on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social network. What is still needed is a structure that software developers can use to be in touch with these communities and to connect with their needs, and then promote the creation of affordable solutions in which both developers and communities can benefit and take genuine advantage from each other (in a positive way). On this basis, we can create a better future in a sustainable way. Imagine each member of a given community paying just a few dollars a month for a technology, service or product that will support them completely and that will solve fundamental needs among the community. These few dollars per member, per month, will sustain the developer's income, the infrastructure of the project, and the continued development of the solution. The subscription-based model already exists but not in the context of a community-based business model to benefit organized communities and software developers! I think this is an interesting concept that can be shaped for the benefit of everyone with a sustainable and better future in mind. Do you agree? If so, please contact me and let’s start working together!

Personal Projects

Code Integrity

An assessment tool for an ethical and sustainable code that determines if a project complies with ethical and sustainable practices. will launch in June 22, 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.


The idea behind is to create a community of critical thinkers and dreamer software developers concerned about our future, and to create a space to envision together how to solve the major challenges of humanity and earth, prioritizing people over technology. Ideas will turn into sustainable projects for the benefit of our societies and the developers involved. will launch in September 20, 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.